Freedom Farms brand Breakfast, Classic, Bratwurst and Chorizo Pork Sausages

9 September 2014: Premier Beehive NZ is recalling batches of 4 pork sausage products because they may contain pink plastic.

Packs of Freedom Farms brand Sausages
Clockwise from top left: Freedom Farms' Breakfast Pork Sausages (375g), Classic Pork Sausages (450g), Chorizo Pork Sausages (450g), and Bratwurst Pork Sausages (450g).

Product identification

Product type Meat products – sausages
Name of product
  • Freedom Farms brand Breakfast Pork Sausages 375g
  • Freedom Farms brand Classic Pork Sausages 450g
  • Freedom Farms brand Bratwurst Pork Sausages 450g
  • Freedom Farms brand Chorizo Pork Sausages 450g
Batch numbers 246245
Date marking

Best before: 17/09/2014

Package size and description 375g or 450g packages 
Distribution Sold in supermarkets and food retail outlets across the North Island only. This product has not been exported

This recall does not affect any other Freedom Farms products

Consumer advice

The affected products should not be consumed. If you have consumed this product and have any concerns about your health, contact your doctor or seek medical advice.

Customers should return the product to their retailer for a full refund.

Who to contact

If you have questions, contact Premier Beehive NZ Limited:

  • Phone: 0800 50 67 01
  • Address: P O Box 35, Carterton 5743
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